Saturday, 13 July 2013

A push

Yesterday I went for a good walk, a push was needed. A local estate was my stomping ground and I made an early start to beat the sun. An unknown road had to be explored, the last one in this area. As the clouds disappeared the suns effects could be felt on my back, the wind was cool and kept the horse flies at a distant until the road dipped then I really did suffer even with my best attempts to keep them at bay. The technique is mostly slapping myself and hopefully catching a fly between hand and body. I think this might be the origin of dance.

Soon I would leave this road to find another road which would take me back in a loop. I am not at all spontaneous, so a thought takes time and this thought was to cool off and escape the teeth of my companions. This thought gave me pace as the reservoir came into view. From a distance this man made oasis of blue has a golden band of exposed stone and rock. So bare skin to the wind I was soon in the water but it was mainly in mud, lovely and cold but at times it grabbed and held me, not the safest thing to be doing. So once the heat had been lost I struggled out, completely covered from the waist down in mud but at least I was cool. Thoughts of appearing bare naked in the local press being pulled out of the mud by a helicopter, not good. Since it is also so remote, the mobile phone was in my camera bag with no signal, so if I did get stuck perhaps that would have been wishful thinking. When the wind dropped I would have just been at best a meat stick for the horse flies.

Time to move on and just around a curve I came across foot prints, I decided they were old to settle myself and I continued on. Some really nice small stretches of fine sand appeared, far safer than my mud launch pad. Back on the road and the effects of the mud was like sand paper, my feet were singing a fine Gaelic song. Feeling my age but not necessary acting like it today as I come to rest for a time outside a nursing home.

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