Sunday, 10 November 2013


A blank canvas can both be terrifying and enticing. With a blank mind it becomes an exercise, exploring what flows. When the mind is full, tripping over itself with thoughts then it becomes a consuming purpose, a mission. I thought tonight I would ramble about my own experiences with inspiration. How a passing interest becomes more or less, why does the mind find so much comfort in one particular subject rather than another. This of course is very subjective and must, should be unique to the individual.

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms and does not need to be something you can easily explain or understand. It could be and can be anything. It also does not need to be from some deep inner turmoil or intense joy although there does seem to be an undercurrent of artists who are under that impression. The beauty about inspiration is it floats and drifts on an unseen sea before being buried in the sand. This treasure may never be found, seen but perhaps it will catch your eye or you will just trip over it one day. Then a journey begins the need to explore and ultimately pay tribute. The need to show what you feel and see to others while trying to make sense of it. Sometimes an impossible task but it continues to push you.

For me inspiration is all important, it changes and I cannot predict it and I would not want to. The core, the heart of my inspiration remains constant and takes me places and opens my eyes to more inspiration. As long as the core is good then the fuel seems never-ending and the journey is rich and I cannot see the horizon. It changes from a narrow focus to a wider view and varies wildly/constantly as it must. I have no desire to pigeon hole myself; it would be like never stepping outside and beyond.

I saw a tweet about a radio program exploring the importance of a muse to an artist. While I listened to the programme I felt it lacked the necessary all-encompassing passion involved with a muse. Tribute was a missing word, a muse is worshipped. I have been lucky in life to have had two muses in my life. Two very different women, both inspired but in very different ways and scale.

So no matter how you decide to fill your canvas, there is no right or wrong but I do believe that intention matters. Never let any other artist tell you what your art should be, I see this on social sites. Little meaningless sound bites, getting on top of a very rickety soap box to preach that art should be more political, messy or whatever. This has more to do with building an image or reinforcing one.

Art can be a fantastic escape for some, a quiet place to take shelter in from a passing storm or to celebrate it, make sense of it or even ignore it. You just have to let the sea take you, let the current carry you. Create what you want and enjoy it!

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