Friday, 27 September 2013

Stately Friday

A slow start to the day and my thoughts wander off to the place of most comfort. A dear friend and fine artist from the world of twitter has been inspired by my photographs of the hosta foliage plant. Michelle Rummel has done a series of paintings which really capture the lines, texture and shape of these foliage plants in a much softer and graceful way. Needless to say to have created something that inspires someone else is frankly, epic. A stunning gift. I have been called inspirational before on twitter but I never see the work that comes so I must assume that it was short lived or just an empty statement which is common enough on the social networks so again I repeat myself, a stunning gift.

I often sit on the doorstep with a cup of tea watching the world go by. I was a little late this morning getting to my step but just in time to see the sections of the wind turbines heading west on the Ullapool road. For several month they have passed by much to the disdain of many an impatient driver. My mind wanders and think how fantastic it would have been to have at least one of these monsters designed by an artist on each wind farm. Now that would be interesting. So the day unfolds as I do and I wait for my light. Friday, stately indeed.

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