Thursday, 21 August 2014


A rainy day to be painting windows frames and replacing putty but needs must. Since it is a bank holiday weekend the weather is very poor indeed but I love the smell of putty and the noise of the rain is reassuring as I keep close to the wall, under the roof overhang. I brushed and washed all the spiders away but today has no shortage of kamikaze insects willing to throw themselves into a spirit based death.

It has been an interesting month although not as creative as I would have liked. I did catch up with a friend who was visiting from the south of England. It provided a day of bleather as we both braved the remnants of Hurricane Bertha which lingered across Moray. There is something invigorating about braving a storm, it also provides a moment of laughter between us as we simultaneously realise our madness.

My day job, night job has been busy enough to justify starting drawing August six days early. I managed to create twenty drawing which were split between a series of red ladies and doodles. It is very important to me to pay tribute to what and who inspires. I had hoped that I would have had more time to create but the flow, that rolling wave that keeps me buoyant was thwarted by a lack of sleep. It was great to see so many returning to drawing but less so with how many felt the need to tweet previous drawings 'just in case you missed it'. A dear friend observed that there is no drawing August but instead the core of the twitter artist community just bolting the tag on what they would have created anyway, that could well be true. Certainly the feeling that we are all stuck in the filter bubble feels more so than last year.

Today in-between coats I intend to find some time to create something although what is more than a little hazy. The site is at a point that I can leave it alone until I have something to share. I really can't be arsed spending any time on any of the social sites as they seem very 'meeh'. I have spells but they short lived, normally beaten back by how shallow and fake it feels. The outpouring of crocodile tears and the wealth of ill-informed shite that was spoken with the passing of Robin Williams certainly shows the worst of them. If this remains the course of social sites we really are in trouble.

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