15th December 2015
I am procrastinating about animation software at the moment, this will continue as it is an expense which I am unsure I can justify, so I am biding my time until it is on offer. I am a little impatient.

24th of November 2015
I decided to finally have a look at what was lost when I accidently formatted one of the hard drives while fitting a new drive. I lost a fair amount of processed photographs and somewhere in the region of three months of originals. So I have been getting stuck into organising and backing up onto DVD and also getting software/hardware running on Windows 10. Since drawing I really have neglected my photographic work which lives in hard drive limbo. Luckily when I was most active I made a spreadsheet to keep track of my photography projects. It will be interesting to revisit and possibly change my workflow when possessing the photographs. When I have some momentum/time I intend to add more subjects/galleries to the site. Since I am talking about the site I am adding reciprocal links to site using google webmaster tools. So if you are linking here, let me know and I do the same.

18th of October 2015
I really enjoyed my time away in Edinburgh and this country boy has warmed to idea of living in a city. It was great to meet new people, a few stood out for me. A music promoter, the Greyfriars Kirkyard volunteer and the lady in the little Gatehouse gallery in Cramond. It was also great to meet long time internet friend and art collaborator Shell Rummel. I was very surprised at how many homeless there were.

I have been busy creating for inktober and some of the progress snaps can be seen on my Instagram. I will share them here on the site when they are finished at the end of the month when I find the time.

21st of September 2015
I do like Mondays but today has been delayed somewhat by the lack of Skype. I have not lost the dressing gown today. Doodling with watercolour again, determined to fill an A3 pad with 30 doodles I can add ink to later. Looking forward to my holiday, a change of scenery will do me good.

19th of September 2015
Saturday morning and I make an effort at another gallery for the site. The tedium of sorting, resizing photographs becomes overwhelmingly monotonous so quickly. A job for when winter descends, certainly not a job for a nice day like this. A short walk and nothing really catches my eye although I enjoy the sun and the wind on my face. I will walk again later I think, once I have done whatever I decide to do with the day. Looking for momentum and finding none.

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