16th January 2016

A little blurry

The snow finally arrived this week and the thought of it was worse than the reality. Everything looked less dreich with that first fall; helped by a cold snap it wrapped everything in a bright, white cocoon. My work schedule is a little wonky at the moment although I have a good healthy chuck of holidays on the horizon. Having worked this particular permanent night shift now for a few years, I know that this time of year is the deep breath before it starts getting busy again. So when I hijack time to be creative I don't feel so guilty about it.

I am still working through the book of small doodles, some feel finished and at least one has been claimed for collaboration. I seem to running low on ink and have used all the smaller sizes of paper. So yesterday I chopped some lovely Aquafine A3 paper down to A4. These larger doodles are looking, even if I say it myself, rather nifty. I have a habit of drawing a shape which looks like an angel, I don't do it consciously but it always seems to happen when returning from a creative lull. If I spin them round they become bird like, this is more of an act of frustration at this familiar shape. This shape is absent from the new larger doodles. Drawing other shapes appears after a few nights work, missing can manifest itself in a basic, rudimentary way. Doodles often get high jacked by thoughts and become a drawing; the distinction is a little blurry in my mind.

I did plan to do some figurative drawing yesterday but struggled with both models and the poses. Was not really feeling it at all, so will try again when a more curvy, mature model presents herself. Time I was cracking on, creating and having fun.

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