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Welcome to the links page, a collection of links I have found interesting in 2016 as I have tripped the light fantastic online.

Forget the gold bikini / For people with mental illness Carrie Fisher was a queen
The Art of Making a Nixie Tube
New all-female exhibition in Dubai explores the art of Central Asia
The Amp Hour / An Interview With Chuck Peddle
The Amp Hour / An Interview with Fran Blanche
The Amp Hour / Zany Z80 Zygology
Street art / Crime, grime or sublime
The eyes of the city / 20 years of street photography
UK's first major Moomin exhibition set to open in London
Under the skin / 200 years of nudity in art in one afternoon
Peter Conrad's best art books of 2016
The best American art of 2016
Auburn Sandstrom / A Phone call
Helen Marten / An artist who thinks differently from the rest of us
How the unflinching art of Joan Eardley captures Scotland at its rawest
Margaret Gould Stewart / How giant websites design for you (and a billion others, too)
GDC will host its own video game art gallery next year
Tim Urban / Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
From me, with love / The lost art of letter writing
Robert Rauschenberg and the subversive language of junk
Russian art collection of Jewish couple captured by Nazis goes on display
Should Big Oil back Big Art?
Dreams through a lens / Masterpieces of surrealist photography
Time the Turner prize grew up / Why it needs to embrace the over-50s
Girl on Girl / Photographer explores the female gaze in delicate but deliberate portraits
Why Kara Walker's incendiary slavery art is as relevant as ever
Redcastle Art Group
Robert Rauschenberg / He was just something to be around
Jess Kohl's Friends of the Dead, The Vaults, London, review
Cartoonist Art Spiegelman / I don't want to spend another 13 years on a book
Elaine Wynn, Buyer Of $142 Million Painting, On Her Love Of Art
The healing power of art
Broken, Defaced, Unseen / The Hidden Black Female Figures of Western Art
The Vibrant and Imperfect Art of Anthony Hopkins
Sir Elton John's photography exhibition at Tate Modern
Two centuries of nudity in art
Erotic letters reveal Stanley Spencer's colourful and complicated love life
Why there's no such thing as an iconic image
David Walsh of Mona / On art, sex and why (gallery) size matters
Bob Dylan / A Hockney-like painter of America's strange essence
EEVblog / An off-the-cuff Video Blog about Electronics Engineering
Game Design Deep Dive / Creating an adaptive narrative in Reigns
Beyond utopia / Rediscovering the lost legacy of Soviet design
Elena Ferrante / I believe that books, once written, have no need of their authors
LGBT prisoners' art exhibit
Revisiting British reggae record sleeves
Gordon Brown's speech on the outcome on the EU referendum
Beyond Alien / The disturbing psychedelic artwork of HR Giger
Major art award on offer to Inverness-shire artists
Dave Isay / Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear
The Moth Presents Joan Juliet Buck / The Ghost of Rue Jacob
The Moth Presents Mike DeStefano / Franny's Last Ride
Fops and flappers / Wild fashions of the 1920s
Industrial scars / The environmental cost of consumption
The Art of the Qur'an / Landmark exhibit shows holy book as text and work of art
The Mission to Save Vanishing Internet Art
Pure pictorial dynamite / Icons of Modern Art is the perfect excuse for a trip to Paris
Heath Robinson / A museum fit for the cobbled-together contraption king
Beyond the Moomins / Tove Jansson's art gets major UK exhibition
The woman who painted her body for artist Yves Klein
The Last Time is a sensitive and thoughtful adventure about the twilight of life
The best and very worst sex scenes in video game history
From English woodlands to war / The pioneering paintings of Paul Nash
Marcantonio Raimondi / The Renaissance printer who brought porn to Europe
Goodbye art history A-level, you served the elite well
I've regained control over my body / Woman gets chest tattoo to cover mastectomy scars
David Bowie's full art collection displayed online ahead of Sotheby's auction
How a painting stolen by the Nazis is ending up in its rightful home
Your idea may not be new, and that's OK
Alphonse Mucha, Paris, and the Glasgow Connection
Isaac Lidsky / What reality are you creating for yourself?
Feminist art of the 1970s / Knives, nudity and terrified men
Farmers from around Scotland make art from bales of hay
Culture means science as well as art / We must look beyond narrow disciplines
Tim Moore / I cycled 10,000km along the Iron Curtain on a £50 bike
What painting portraits of naked women has taught me
Gods and monsters / Hindu rituals across Asia
American graffiti / : dodging death on the NYC subway
Dark arts / How night inspires great painters
Gangsters' use of paintings as currency shows a profound belief in art
An Abandoned Technology Gets Repurposed to Make Retro Art
Helen Frankenthaler / New exhibition reveals her true colors
Wifredo Lam review / Cuba's last of the true surrealists
America's native prisoners of war
Isabelle De Borchgrave
A sculptor's space / Inside the home of Helaine Blumenfeld
Roald Dahl / Don't ignore anti-Semitism in centenary
Washington DC's monument to black history
Stella Grey / Shacking up in mid-life makes me feel 28 again
Colombia / Farc's female fighters, then and now
David Shrigley / Women should not be having my drawings tattooed on them
Maggi Hambling / My studio is a torture chamber
Affordable art from unaffordable artists
Marc Riboud obituary
The revolutionary artists of the 60s' colourful counterculture
The B-Side / Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography review
Female surfers photographed using century-old technique
No Man's Sky and the perils of infinite promise
Figment dev blog / Creating the Spider Queen
Eyes on the prize / The must-see art and design of autumn 2016
The art of infertility
Vintage posters of America's national parks
Can they cut it? / The artists making collage cool again
The Moth Presents Tricia Rose Burt / How To Draw a Nekkid Man
Fishguard and Goodwick locals get drawing for art project
The best art made using Microsoft Paint
Christopher Wood by Katy Norris review / The art of a fatal Englishman
Destroying priceless art is vile and offensive / But it is not a war crime
Photographer explores emoji censorship and the artistic nude
The radical art of holding hands with strangers
The lonely island / Abandoned houses of the Hebrides
Winners of the World Illustration awards 2016
Art is about surrender / Stop asking for it to be custom-tailored
America at its most alluring / The art of Julius Shulman
Edinburgh art festival 2016 review / Where Lothian meets utopian
The Moth Presents Andrew Solomon / The Refugees
Instead of complaining when his 93-year-old mom moved in, he got his camera
Is Digitally Replicating Famous Art Dangerous?
Trafficking of Nigerian women into prostitution in Europe 'at crisis level'
Julian Rosefeldt on making Manifesto / Contemporary art has become a circus
Audio-fail / Why is so much sound art so bad?
Refugee art /A way to face up to ugly truths - and possibly change minds
Hoarders or collectors / Our frightened society has forgotten the difference
Wydr / How the Tinder for artists and buyers could turn the art industry upside down
Camera Manual Library
Maratis / A portable, simple and visual game development tool
How Dada's 'rock stars' changed art forever
The Selfie Project / A Self Portrait Every Day For One Year
Hello, Mr Chips / The fish shop photographer
The threats and abuse outspoken Pakistani women receive
The art of the selfie, going back to 1657 / Facing the World, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Young Scots reach Bafta game design finals
Atena Farghadani / Iranian cartoonist opens up about her captivity
Meet The Octogenarian Artist Who's Been Creating Erotic Art For 50 Years
A New Documentary Unearths Lost Taped Interviews with Legendary Art Patron Peggy Guggenheim
Trouble in paradise / The lost motels of New Jersey
From Eton to Edinburgh / Muslim life in harmony
Portrait of Scots artist Pat Douthwaite
A Sidewalk That Sings As You Dance With Your Shadow
Art for Instagram / Is social media ruining art?
Art Demystified / Why Do Contemporary Artists Use So Many Studio Assistants?
David Bowie's private art collection goes on display for first time
Art Bastard / Robert Cenedella Has Never Been an Art World Darling, And That's Fine
The seductive art of Betty Woodman
Untold story of the sculptor Rodin / His English muse and their lost love letters revealed
Cindy Sherman / Why am I in these photos?
Artist sued for $5M over painting he insists he didn't paint
Justine Frischmann / Waking up from Elastica to art in America
Photographing the things homeless people in California own
Westography / Warren Kirk captures Melbourne's timeless western suburbs
Spey Art Group
The Moth
Escape Artists / Why These 7 Creatives Disappeared from the Art World
Meet art prodigy Autumn de Forest
Eco / Ideas Set In Concrete
Database of Scotland's ancient rock art to be created
At the City Art Centre / William Gillies and John Maxwell
Miss Black and Beautiful / The pageants where curves and afros ruled
Iceland's creative heart / Makeshift museums, public art and blissful isolation
No More Cutting / The art project making paper vaginas
Is David Hockney right to say painting is an old man's art?
The Body Art of Alexys Flemming
Adam Buxton podcasts
Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast
In a world of fear and loathing, we need art more than ever
Brexit / What does it mean for UK and EU Art Students and Schools?
We're living in a pimp state
New York photo series looks at our carnal relationship with cities
Corsets and chickens / The East End in the 1960s
Dave Hickey / 'The title of artist has to be earned'
The faith behind Aubrey Beardsley's sexually charged art
The struggles of adult life / As drawn by our readers
Two Buildings on Canal Street Are Waging a Post-it War in Their Windows
Meet the Woman Behind America's Most Legendary Pinup Art
Ross teacher opens door to art world
Marion Lambert / Simply the most extraordinary woman I have ever met
James Needham / Bathroom painting proves art is doomed in the selfie age
Found art / Cornelia Parker and Jarvis Cocker share their spoils
She takes a good picture / Six forgotten female pioneers of photography
More than 8 million in UK struggle to put food on table
An instant camera with a modern take on retro photography
Jonathan Yeo / In the studio
Twitter Has Become a Park Filled With Bats and Perverts
Decoding Russian criminal tattoosDecoding Russian criminal tattoos
The Hottest Trend in Web Design / Intentionally Ugly, Unusable Sites
A postcard from Yangon / Pansodan Road's famous second-hand book market
Re-illustrating The Jungle Book / By Chris Riddell, Bill Bragg, Sarah McIntyre and more
Marisol / The forgotten star of pop art
Artist Grandma's Sad Story Goes Viral
Atari co-founder / Mobile games make me want to throw my phone
Henry Talbot's glamorous Melbourne in the 1960s / In pictures
Why Nintendo's Miitomo app understands friendship better than Twitter
Amazing outdoor art around Britain
Sightseeing / The most dazzling art and design of summer 2016
Michael Rosen's Sad Book / A Beautiful Anatomy of Loss, Illustrated by Quentin Blake
Robert Crumb / I was born weird
An Artist at 100 / Thinking Big but Starting Small
Jenny Saville / I used to be anti-beauty
'Scottification' puts Scotland's literature in peril
Joining the dots in the arts world
Vancouver artist Angela Fama hits the road for love
Cindy Sherman Takes On Aging / Her Own
William Wegman / the 'dog artist' who still leads the pack
Mona Hatoum / It's all luck. I feel things happen accidentally
David Hockney interview / Your face belongs to other people
Hew Locke / If I wasn't an artist, I'd be a historian
The winners of the Sony world photography awards 2016
What does depression feel like? / Trust me - you really don't want to know
Undercover comedian / getting away with fake books on New York's subway
Yoko Ono / Serious play
Interview with artist Karen Gibbons
Interview with Janas Durkee
Black Artists and the March Into the Museum
A generation of artists were wiped out by Aids and we barely talk about it
No sketching / V&A signs betray everything the museum stands for
Compass Head: Volume 3 (Songs of the North) / by Nat Hall
Painting the modern garden / Where is the British art?
Eero Aarnio's iconic Ball Chair features in retrospective at Helsinki Design Museum
When love and art collide
New Camasunary bothy opens on Isle of Skye
Conceptual art / Why a bag of rubbish is not just a load of garbage
Where have all the art punks gone?
5 Designers Reinvent The Humble Bathroom Faucet
Glasgow rules the waves
Regaining Your Photo Mojo / With cheap, quirky cameras
11 ways to make art work for your space
Kerry James Marshall / Chicago's art star
The Kick-Ass Space Art Of Dead Star
Egon Schiele Works to Be Returned to Descendant of Holocaust Victim
Last former resident of remote St Kilda dies at 93
Gregor Smith / Scottish landscape paintings created from boat
Dada / 100 years on
Art once hidden From Hitler, now on view
At 84, an Artist Tries Something New / Displaying His Work
Lens Between Us
Ralph Heimans: in the studio
Allen Jones: in the studio
Diana Markosian's best photograph
Superheroes / A 'cultural catastrophe', says comics guru Alan Moore
Rogues gallery / How photographers are targeting the one percent
Paul Strand / V&A exhibition
Jewelry Designer Amy Nordström / Talks Inspiration, Design Process And Legacy
Narcissists are more likely to make money in art
Why Apple and Google are struggling to design simple software
William Morris / a Victorian socialist dreaming of a life in symmetry
Alone together / the silent despair of the suburbs
Mimi Mollica's best photograph / 'The haunted face of Sicily'
Prefabricated 'MIMA light' dwelling
Depression Comix
Rebecca Crowell / Interview
Land of No Return / The Dying Ukrainian Village
Rosendo Ayala Dávila / Street photography
Fred Liang / Interview
Susan Hiller / 'Self-doubt is always present for artists'
Former teacher calls for valuable art to be returned for pupils
Mr. Holga
Daily life in Syria's largest city / in pictures
Top 10 books about breasts
Groupies revisited / The women with triple-A access to the 60s
The great ceramics revival / How clay is oozing back into contemporary art
Laura Ford / Inside the Welsh sculptor's humorous and often terrifying work
Men head for great indoors / Shed clubs open doors
Forbidden fruit / Why provocative art and Instagram don't mix
Art Gym / Flex Your Creative Muscles
Seven Ways of Seeing Beauty in Design
6 Formative Game Design Lessons
Art collector / Donates entire house of works to the nation
Final Solution: The Fate of the Jews 1933-1949 / Book review
Hayao Miyazaki / Illustrations of Studio Ghibli classics
Me! Me! Me! / Are we living through a narcissism epidemic?
Patti Smith / I'm not trying to change the world with photography
Georgia O'Keeffe / Biggest exhibition to open at Tate Modern
Syrian refugees / How art is helping keep their culture alive
Francis Bacon / Aberdeen Art Gallery
Fairpixels / Open sourcing rejected logos for anyone to use
National Doodle Day / Annual fundraising event organised by Epilepsy Action
Olivia Laing's The Lonely City / How art helped me see the beauty in loneliness
Benjamin Hubert / Furniture and lighting design is "saturated"
London's Art Scene / What Is The Future?
Mental illness / We will always need books about it
Hilma af Klint / A painter possessed
Nell Walden and Der Sturm/ A woman in the eye of the storm
Intimate drawings / Pre-Raphaelites on Paper: Victorian Drawings from the Lanigan Collection
Moray artists / Abandoned offices get new lease of life
Twitter / flatlining or more important than ever? Probably both
Flash Friday / Grandma's Sex Robot
Annette Kellerman / Hollywood's first nude star
Kinetic Art / Trending In Homes Thanks to Artist Ralfonso
Art for the common man / The Chennai Photo Biennale
Are Video Games Art? / It's a question, that much is certain
Captured / People in prison drawing people who should be
Playboy / Trades Nipples for Good Design, and It Works
Masters of Design / Sotheby's celebrates jewellery illustrations
British Art Show 8 / Computers and cameras dominate
Art against the odds / New book showcases Sudan's isolated creatives
Manfred Mohr / The groovy German who taught computers to make art
Alvin Buenaventura / Sudden passing of acclaimed art comics publisher
Line up announced / Inverness Loch Ness International Knitting Festival
Design Lessons / The Amazing 1980s Books That Taught Kids To Code
Firewatch / The Addictiveness of Lonely Video Games
Art teachers consider quitting / Art classes have been cut as government policies have devalued the subject
Is this the first Instagram masterpiece? / Amalia Ulman's spoof selfies
Nikolai Astrup / Magical in every sense
Mike Mellia / Pokes Fun at Our Selfie Culture
Laura Poitras / using art to illuminate a world that would rather remain unseen
The Columbia Threadneedle prize / Umbrella shop oil painting wins top figurative art prize
Jerry Lawson / Inventor of Modern Game Console, Dies at 70 / Attribution: Byron
Shoot from the Hip / The world's coolest camera
Philip Larkin / Philip Larkin's Life Behind the Camera
Comix Creatrix: 100 Women Making Comics / Comix Creatrix: where women artists and stories are the big draw
Finalists for the 18th annual Independent Games Festival / Here's All The Finalists For The 2016 Indie Game Awards
Marvin Lipofsky / Ceramist who elevated blown glass to fine Art, dies at 77
Birthday Suits | 1974-2015 / Since 1974, Lucy Hilmer has photographed herself in nothing but her Birthday Suit
The Urban Design Lesson Hidden in Blizzard 2016 / Urban design
You'll Never Have "Enough Time" / New York-based illustrator Andrea Tsurumi / Attribution: Drew
North to South / Caithness artist launches paper boat quest
Art From the Holocaust / The beauty and brutality in forbidden works

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