19th March 2016


The month of March carries unwanted baggage for me as it does for many who have been touched by fire. Everything stops and time which is so precious becomes an unwanted gift when you're somewhat adrift but as long as you have light in your life, those stars are not so bright in the abyss.

Fence post by Paul Henderson Road by Paul Henderson Redcastle by Paul Henderson Redcastle by Paul Henderson Road by Paul Henderson Guardians by Paul Henderson The Beauly Firth by Paul Henderson

Walking is the tonic and far better than an unwanted invite to the past. A clear blue sky and with the sun still low in the sky the shadows scroll outwards holding your every step. My well walked route but all anew again with the imminent arrival of spring. The morning mist had cleared to just a fine ribbon above the Beauly firth just to be joined by another layer of smoke from heather burning in the distance. A man cutting grass at Redcastle who stared hard into the ground as his spaniel gave me gifts of twigs and leafs. Cyclists talking as fast as they were moving along the shore road. A young couple lost in each others company, spring indeed.

My first roll of film has been shot, I am enjoying the unknown. Where digital is instant, film teases. Time, precious again.

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