29th December 2016
It has been a good, if a hard year in many respects. The rocks in my life are my parents, a few close friends and the love of my life. Work is a constant although I think, let me rephrase that. I know I am getting too long in the tooth for working permanent night shifts. In the New Year I am going to have to address that. I am not one for making New Year resolutions as I think its bloody nonsense. The goals I haven't achieved this year simply roll into the New Year with some new additions. With me breaking the habit of spending so much time on social websites I am much happier, creative and rediscovering old hobbies. All there is left for me to do is to wish you a safe, fun and prosperous new year.

24th November 2016
I have made some wee changes to the site, mainly moving links, adding to the drawing/doodle archive and making space for two other interests. One of these is for a meander back into programming and the other is for electronics. In the distant future I would like to add another one for loudspeaker enclosure design but I am already juggling my available time somewhat poorly.

30th of October
I am feeling much more alive after a long spell of night shifts, a few days of sleep and I am very aware of being present in the moment. My sleep pattern is a little unpredictable but today feels like I might make it through the day without retreating into a linen cocoon. I have scanned some work which is now on the site; I have a habit of finishing doodles and placing them into the finished box. Since this box is almost full I have started to raid and sort the unfinished box, I feel rushed due to feeling the year coming to a close. I will need this box for more finished work and makes sense to prepare a little. I intended to head to the coast this weekend for a much needed top up; I may go early tomorrow morning to catch the tide after it has left virgin sand behind.

24th of August
It is late in the month but I am on target for having a doodle/drawing for each day for drawing August. My thinking is, as long as I start them then they are valid. Although it might take some time to finish them and get them uploaded here on the site.

12th of August
While leaving work I had a close in encounter with a badger, I was so over excited I never got a photograph as it inspected the bottom of my trouser legs.

23rd of July
My goodness the year is passing so quickly, my perception of time is without a doubt down to my age. Saturday morning and it's a nice cool day out and about and I am getting preparing a page for drawing August on twitter. I have taken part in previous years but always with ink and I love clean lines which means it take time, so this year I am going to use pencils.

15th of May
It's been a nice stretch of days off from work although for a few of them I was ill. I have tentatively started a blog. My twitter account is private, just one step closer to shutting it down completely. Having fun, feels like summer.

2nd of May
I like Mondays but I can't find my arse with both hands today. I know I should be doing something but starting has proved near impossible. Not sure what's going on, or to be more precise what's not going on in my head today. Sitting drinking tea while I wait for something.

20th of April 2016
Still having a wee struggle with stopping smoking, it's making me a bit ill, lethargic and manic at times which was to be expected. I am getting there; just wish I had a little more will power. Having fun and constantly making soup.

27th of March 2016
Late afternoon and I have gathered some work to send on its way across the Atlantic for the ongoing collaboration. There is another collaboration brewing away, more about that in a future journal entry. I hope you are enjoying Easter; I for one have had a very full and enjoyable day and i am keen to squeeze some drawing/doodling or painting into whats left of the day.

23rd of March 2016
A few days off and some tweaks are needed here on the site now that the majority of the traffic arriving here has swung away from the social sites. This is not a surprise as I have not been very active on them and decided yesterday to quietly mothball a couple of accounts. Since I was spring cleaning I also decided to clear out my feed reader of blogs that have disappeared and also add some new additions. A morning spent making soup and clearing the desk, waiting for a kiss from my love so I can start my day.

1st of March 2016
Lomography has my attention and it looks like so much fun I have no choice but to try it. I picked up a Holga 120N for this foray but I also couldn't resist a rather nifty late 50's Kodak Brownie Cresta II. I have ordered a selection of 120 films both in and out of their expiry dates. Patiently waiting for summer.

3rd of February 2016
The last storm that rolled in sadly pushed my favourite tree onto her side, she is at rest, and her job is done. I say that because of something my love said that was really beautiful. Enjoying life with love.

10th of January 2016
After the gales last night and heavy rain the sky is a pastel blue this morning. I need to clear my desk and do some sketches, a change of subject for the next four days. It means I can switch between doodling which is loose and free to slightly more contained figurative pieces. Switching back and forth keeps it fun.

8th of January 2016
Having a splendid day, doodling, eating and other things ;)

1st of January 2016
The New Year begins and it will continue on from how I spent yesterday. Inky fingers while I create/play with ink. I am not a fan of New Year resolutions but that's not to say have no goals for the year, but they do feel more attainable when they have some distance from this tradition. The day will start with a hearty breakfast and a walk before settling down to create. The site is still far from being complete even if even such a thing is possible. Over the year I will continue to cram it full of content both old and new. It only remains for me to wish you a Happy New Year.

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