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Welcome to the links page, a collection of links I have found interesting in 2017 as I have tripped the light fantastic online.

Strangers, secrets and desire / the surreal world of Sophie Calle
Phyllida Barlow on art, politics and the Venice Biennale
Put away the gallery guides / art is best when shrouded in mystery
This Gorgeous Kong / Skull Island Concept Art Is Fit for a King
Can .art domain give the art business an online boost
Pop art's American dream is over / A zombie culture has begun
Why 2000AD deserves to be admired as art
How to get better at the things you care about / Eduardo Briceño
We Used to be Drug Dealers
Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 review / When anything was possible
Creativity improves wellbeing / Art transforms mental health ward
The most important art movement you've never heard of
America is a home for the world's most talented. A travel ban risks losing them
Gender inequality in art world highlighted by art website's new campaign
I made 160,000 printers spew out ASCII art around the world
Art project paints an unflattering picture of urban renewal in Rome
We need more TV shows like the BBC's 'Art of France'
Tate Modern to host 'once in a lifetime' Picasso exhibition
I got nude with 150 others at the art gallery, and it's something I'll never forget
Live flesh / The fetish club art of Jo Brocklehurst
Border land / Travels on the edge of Russia
The Art of Rivalry review / When Bacon met Freud and other creative friendships
Wreckers of civilisation / Hull embraces its frenzied sexual past
Yes, retro patent art is a thing and this start-up company will help you decorate your home with it
Huntly is a good place / 21 years of Deveron Arts marked as founder looks to the future
The female street photographers of Instagram
Mind maps: the beauty of brain cells
The Director's Guide / National Art Center Tokyo
It's going to make art great again / The street artists taking on Trump
Why Jerry Saltz is the provocative art critic you need to follow
How Martin Sharp's art for Oz magazine embodied the Summer of Love
The Dragon Enters, at the Museum of Modern Art
Shepard Fairey's inauguration posters may define political art in Trump era
Just don't stare / A night of nudity and dancing at the art gallery
What I learned in four years at the helm of the arts
The drifter / Joel Sternfeld on his sly glimpses of wild America
Reeperbahn rendezvous / The glorious dive bar photos of Anders Petersen
My vile bodies / Cindy Sherman interview
My Mom Can't Look at It / The Beautifully Crude, NSFW Art of Jodi Clark
Enduring beauty / The everlasting fabulousness of Nora
The Samstags / The untold story of a couple that changed Australian art
Art in focus 2017 / The exhibitions to watch for this year
Art in 2017 / major events and museum openings
Art to inspire / Ali Smith, Alain de Botton and others on the works they love
Adam Grant / Are you a giver or a taker?

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