4th January 2017
I have spun out a new little site about my return into electronics. I decided to make a very basic site linking out to videos on YouTube, the how and why and other little bits. A little bit away from actually making videos but it's all good. I am also looking forward to having a shed; I wish I could stretch to having two separate rooms then I could have one for art. I continue to doodle/draw mostly during the wee hours at work when quiet. I was considering editing my contact page to tell people I am sadly too busy at the moment for collaborations. I only get one offer a month from fellow artists so I am going to leave it, as is for the moment. I could say this on the many social networks but nobody reads anything on them, shallow experience. If you want to follow me on one of these sites, I am honestly only active on Instagram. I would invest more time on my Facebook page but I don't have an audience there or the budget to build one.

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