Interesting links

Welcome to the links page, a collection of links I have found interesting in 2018 as I have tripped the light fantastic online.

5 Images Of Naked Women That Challenge The Male Gaze
Ana Mendieta was the controversial artist who helped pioneer earth art
Interstellar sexual adventures and underground erotica
Soviet film posters of the 50s and 60s
The art of painting like a child
Tate launches £5 art exhibition tickets for young people
Radical women: how Latin American artists rebelled with their work
New bothy combines both art and architecture
11 of the best art galleries in Scotland off the beaten track
What do artists look for in their own favourite art?
Top artists reveal how to find creative inspiration
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook hearing was an utter sham
Sketch in the city / the artist capturing urban clutter
London will lose creative crown if rents keep forcing artists out
All Too Human review / flesh in the game of British painting
Victorian Giants / the Birth of Art Photography review – the triumph of the female gaze
No laptops allowed / the cafes bringing back the art of conviviality
First look at BBC’s epic new art history series Civilisations
Mysterious snow scenes in Japan
Why we must save the Edinburgh Palette

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