Paul Henderson

Getting started again with electronics

November 2017
Side-tracked a little by life but back on track with ordering components, equipment and test gear. Running out of space and will require a shed shortly.

March 2017
Ordered some interesting sound chips which include the General Instrument AY-3-8910 , Yamaha YM2149 and the Yamaha YM3812. I really wanted to pick up the MOS Technology 6581/8580 SID chip which was the built-in programmable sound generator chip of the Commodore 64 amongst others but I am late to this party by several years and they are well out of my budget.

December 2016
There is a glut of test equipment on eBay when it comes to crt oscilloscopes they are overpriced. So I find myself ordering an old Metrix OX 712 from a surplus store called DSM Components in the Czech Republic. I un-expectantly won a small Metrix OX71 Oscilloscope on eBay, it has been well looked after.

November 2016
I decide to get back into electronics after watching several YouTube channels. I have no components left over from my college days but do have books and a multimeter. Will start having a look about for components and basic test gear. I also need to get back up to speed with pcb design software.

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